Minutes of CLIC PDA Meeting 4/3/2012

Present: Debby, Ruth, Andrea, Aaron, Beth, Jessica, Sue, Geruth, Kathi, Terri

Absent: Carole and Kristofer


1. Selection of topics
2.  Facilitators for tables, notetakers and feedback, and timekeeper
3.  Write up before end of June – report to Board
4.  Next meeting?
5.  Other?


1.  Selection of topics – Terri had previously shared two handouts – a summary of the responses and a graphic representation of topics of interest.  We agreed on having 5 tables of 7 and agreed to do two tables for assessment in round 1 and two tables o active learning in round 2.  We agreed on these four topics:

  • Assessment – 2 tables round 1
  • Active Learning/Different Learning Styles – 2 tables round 2
  • Intersection of scholarly communication and information literacy
  • Reaching out to faculty

We agreed that each table would have a facilitator and note-taker and these two folks would stay at the tables and participants would move.

2.  Facilitators: The following is the draft agreement, subject to conversations with Kristofer and Carole.

Intro/layout for the day
20 min.
Round one:
1. Assessment – Jessica, Andrea
2. Assessment – Carole, Kristofer
3.  Active Learning – Sue, Geruth
4.  Intersection – Beth, Aaron
5.  Reaching out to  faculty – Debby, Kathi

Round 2:
1.  Assessment – Jessica, Andrea
2.  Active Learning – Geruth, Sue
3.  Active learning – Carole, Kristofer
4.  Intersection – Beth, Aaron
5.  Reaching out – Debby, Kathi

Round 3:

1. Assessment – Jessica, Andrea
2.  Active learning – Sue, Geruth
3.  Intersection – Beth, Aaron
4.  Reaching out – Debby, Kathy
5.  Curriculum Mapping – Carole? Kristofer?

Wrap up reports

Wrap up next steps

We also discussed – what knowledge do facilitators need?
Raise issues that we want to continue discussing.
Notetaker – what are things people want to keep discussing, what are things people don’t know about?

Remember we are focusing on Char’s talk and book, so that is the framework for conversations.

Conversation starters:
What about assessment interests you?
Where do we want to go with this topic?
What would you like to do?
How do we carry this forward?
Brainstorming is welcome.

Members of the committee should share any questions ahead of April 20th.

Terri will bring iPads for notetakers.  We will need three.  We’ll work on the details for using them to take notes, and how to send as emails.  We’ll also have some standard notepads available for groups that want to have easels and notepads.

Tables will be numbered.
3.  Report – Terri will prepare an introduction section and then a template for each institution to add comments based on institutional events, conversations, or other activities.  We need an editor to complete the report.  We left that undone.

4.  Next meeting – talk about the 20th and next directions.  We will meet  Monday, May 7 for lunch at Mac 11:45 – 1:30 in L206.

Adjourned at 2:30

Submitted by Terri

Notice that went out March 12th:

We plan on using the time to have three twenty-minute small group discussions on topics of interest to those attending.  The plan for the day is to gather at 1:00 for socializing, and at 1:30 start the first of three 20 minute discussions.  We will have reports back from the discussion facilitators and close with a brief conversation about how to continue the communities of practice.


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