CLIC Professional Development Steering Committee

Meeting Minutes from July 25, 2011

CLIC office, 1:30-3:00 PM

 Attendees:  Geruth Buetow (Hamline), Aaron Albertson (Macalester), Jessica Nelson (Northwestern), Terri Fishel (Mac – chair), Tom Nichol (CLIC), Beth Hillemann (Mac), Debby Hackerson (UST), Andrea Koppe (UST), Sue Gray (SCU), Kristofer Scheid (Hamline), Kathi Rickert (SCU – recorder).

In-person discussion groups planning

  • We are planning on 65-75 participants, with 25-30 slots left open for those from other groups (such as ARLD, Minitex, Metronet, and students in the St. Kate’s LIS program, and the U of M).
  • Andrea and Geruth put forth the idea of a survey or questionnaire to get a profile of participants and their areas of interest. Andrea will draft a survey for the cmte to review. Beth and Aaron will put it into SurveyMonkey, and it will be sent to all CLIC participants.
  • Discussion groups prior to workshop will be late Sept or early Oct. The optimal number in a discussion group maybe around 8, so we will need to have 9-10 groups. Groups should be mixed to include members from a variety of schools and job responsibilities. Groups will be scheduled at various times, including one on a Saturday, and will be held at the CLIC office.
  • Discussion questions will be developed beforehand and facilitators will be trained so that all groups address similar topics. Steering cmte members may serve as facilitators.

Activities on blog

  • One activity is currently in progress, and we hope there will be a total of 3 prior to the workshop.
  • The next to be posted will be from Chapter 2 (reflection strategies) and Chapter 5 (teaching a new online catalog).

Involvement with the SCU Library Science program

  • Terri will be meeting 7/26 with Deb Greeley, Director of the Library Science program at St. Kate’s to determine if and how MLIS students can participate.

Workshop planning

  • The cmte that will work with Char to plan the workshop will have a conference call. Doodle will be used to find a time, hopefully in August. Char expressed an interest in the blog and the activities that will happen prior to the workshop.

Next meeting

  • The next meeting for the steering cmte will be Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1:30-3 at the CLIC office. Topics for this meeting will include planning the discussion groups meetings: choosing dates, common questions to address, facilitating, etc.