CLIC Professional Development Committee

July 11, 2011


Terri Fishel (chair), Deborah  Hackerson,  Aaron Albertson, Tom Nichol, Andrea Koppe,  Jessica Nelson, Sue Gray, Kristofer Scheid, Carole Cragg,  Geruth Buetow

Minutes: Carole Cragg

Review participation numbers/expectations for participation

  • Currently registered: 64
  • Expectation: All will read the book and participate in a discussion group prior to workshop
    • Terri and Tom will send message to all participants and Board reminding them of expectations
    • More CLIC participants accepted in September to accommodate those out for the summer
    • Participation by other groups – ARLD, Minitex, private
      colleges, U of M, etc.

      • Day with Char will be divided into a morning talk, lunch and afternoon workshop
        • All will be welcome to the talk and lunch (non-CLIC would pay)
        • Afternoon limited to 25 non-CLIC participants
        • Individual invititation may be made in Sept. once our numbers are known
  • Blog and activities using the blog
    • Thank you to Kristofer and Sue for their good work setting the blog up
    • RSS feed will be added
    • An activities page will be set up
      • Committee will seed responses
      • Email will be sent to registered participants that an activity has been posted
      • Activities will be posted: 1) July 15th; 2) August 1st; 3) August 15th then not until sometime in September
      • Deadline for submitting idea for an activity 2) July 25th; 3) August 10th
      • First activity:
        • Share online 3 traits of best teachers
      • Send any bibliographic suggestions or ideas to Kristofer or Sue
      • Planning for October
        • Jessica, Andrea, Geruth from the committee and Beth Hilleman and Lyndi Finifrock will work with Char to plan the workshop
        • Terri will email them
  • Next Meeting: July 25th 1:30 – 3:00 CLIC office