CLIC Professional Development Activity Steering Committee (CPDA)


1. Welcome and introductions:

  • Geruth Buetow, Aaron Albertson, Terri Fishel (chair), Tom Nichol, Andrea Koppe, Jessica Nelson, Carol Cragg, Kristofer Scheid, Sue Gray, Kathi Rickert

2. Minutes: Aaron

3. Review of proposed program and discussion:

  • Terri has set a date for Char to speak, October 28th. Besides her book there will be additional readings related to instruction.
  • Steer Committee members are responsible for sharing information with their home institutions
  • Future meetings will likely be at the CLIC office.
  • Have there been thoughts of expanding beyond CLIC? Yes. We are open to this idea.
  • Suggestion to tie this to the MLIS program at Saint Kates.
  • Communities of Practice could be in person or virtual.
  • Ongoing bibliography.
  • Assessment – building in a measurement of any new initiative. Could be part of individual campus initiative.
  • Visiting each others institutions – team teaching
  • Communities of Practice ideas

○     Instruction
○     Student employment
○     Staff mentoring
○     Assessment
○     Methodologies for getting to know your community
○     Technology

  • Make our output as openly accessible as possible – on the web
  • We will talk with Char Booth about how to structure the workshop.
  • Have at least one discussion prior to the workshop
  • Have another speaker in the spring
  • Forming a habit of having communities of practice discussing teaching.

4. Tasks and volunteers

  • Invitation to CLIC members to participate and set up a list.

○     To do: Terri will work with Tom to send an invitation from the CLIC office regarding Communities of Practice.
○     Information should also come from directors.

To do: Tom and Terri will develop a letter and that directors can share. They will share their letter with steering committee.

  • Letter will include information on:

○     time commitment
○     overall goals
○     include examples of communities, but leave it open.

  • Letter should go out before June 1.
  • Response deadline: June 24th
  • Provide a means of keeping CLIC members informed.

○     To do: Kristofer and Sue will set up a blog by June 15th.

○     Leave it open for everyone to comment, via a moderator.

○     Steering Committee members will be able to contribute to the blog.

○     Once we figure out more about the communities of practice then perhaps more people will be invited to contribute to the blog.

  • Organizing the workshop with Char.

○     Jessica, Andrea, Geruth volunteered.

○     To do: Survey our institutions for other volunteers

■We want 5 people total. (Terri)

■Group will be set by June 30th.

○     Proposed hybrid structure:

■Book discussions prior to Char’s visiting will focus around:

  • Instruction
  • Training (Student Employment)
  • Mentoring (staff, admin, faculty, students)

■Communities of Interest will form after Char’s presentation

■People will be welcome to attend even if they don’t attend any of the prior discussions. (don’t include this information in the letter)

  • Tom and Terri will handle logistics

5. Feedback? Questions?

  • no

6. Funding concerns?

  • no

7. Next meeting

  • Terri will do a doodle for the week of July 5th