Bibliography & Resources

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5 Responses to Bibliography & Resources

  1. Terri Fishel says:

    Professional Growth through Learning Communities by Paul Signorelli and Lori Reed. American Libraries, May June 2011, p.57-59. Also available online –

  2. Terri Fishel says:

    Upcoming Opportunity – and it is FREE!

    Trends in Library Training and Learning
    August 10-11, 2011

    Join us for this 2-day online conference, brought to you in collaboration with the ALA Learning Round Table. Sessions will cover topics ranging from brain development and learning styles to instructional design and shifting trends in library learning. Presenters will provide practical solutions for libraries looking to implement both staff and patron training using innovative learning techniques that include formal and informal, and online and face-to-face methods. Register to attend one or both days and come and go as your schedule allows.

    Go to conference program and registration »

    Here are the topics:

    · Beyond 23 things: Enhanced Self-Paced Training

    · Born to Forget: How to Survive and Thrine in the Age of Information Overload

    · Cultivating the Library as a Site of Participatory Culture and Learning

    · Getting Admin Buy-In for Training

    · Happiness through Personal Learning

    · Instructional Literacy and the library Educator: Reflective Habits for Effective Practice

    · Lights! Camera! Action! Using Video for Patron and Staff Instruction

    · Tech Training Skills for 21st Century Library Staff

  3. Terri Fishel says:

    There is a recent blog posting that I think might be of interest to folks participating in this project. Nate Kogan writes a blog on teaching and learning and shared information on a presentation he is preparing on “Personal Learning Networks”.
    I think it might be helpful for others to look at how he keeps up and compare to what you do to stay abreast of topics you care about. Maybe you have a favorite technique you would like to share?

  4. Terri Fishel says:

    There is a recent article that should be of interest to this group. In Inside Higher Ed on the 22nd, there was a report on an anthropological study of student research practices at 5 Illinois institutions.
    It’s worth reading not just for what it reveals about students, but also about faculty – as in this particular quote:
    “Several recent studies by the nonprofit Ithaka S+R have highlighted the disjunct between how professors view the library and how the library views itself: library directors see the library as serving primarily a teaching function; professors see it above all as a purchasing agent. Miller and Murillo heard echoes of that in their study. “I think that what happens is the librarians know how to search for sources, but sometimes don’t know how to do research,” one anthropology professor told them. ”
    Read the full article here –

  5. Terri Fishel says:

    A recent posting in “In the Library With the Leadpipe” might be of interest to our group. See a posting by Carleton reference librarians for an interesting report on how they are working with evaluating writing on campus and what it means for their teaching efforts.

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