Teaching has become an important component of our work in academic libraries, yet too few of us received any proper training on how to be effective in our teaching.  “Reflecting with every CLIC” is a professional development activity for Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC) for the 2011-2012 academic year.  More than 65 library staff members in the consortium are participating in this program to improve their teaching, whether in the classroom or in training student employees.

The focus of our activities this fall  is to read and discuss Char Booth’s Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning.  This blog provides participants with opportunities to engage in activities focused on the book, as well as to provide comments and feedback about related topics.

A talk, luncheon, and workshop is being planned with Char, and will take place in October. The luncheon will be open to the broader academic library community, and a limited number of spaces for the workshop will be available for those who are not members of CLIC.